The name’s not important and neither is the work I do. I write whatever catches my fancy. Leave a word if you like what I write, say something even if you don’t! Do let me know if you write a blog too. I love to read blogs.



6 thoughts on “Me

  1. I agree, the ghost story has the perfect ingredients for a ghost writer (which u can become). Jokes part, wonderfully written… but rather than writing a conventional piece, how about a graphic story, full of illustrations that can play pranks with ur mind.

  2. The blog on ‘Why i don’t support Anna Hazare’ was an interesting read, the point that even RTI was introduced for anit-corruption was good to make. Even i don’t support Anna Haraze not because i think he is being absolutely adamant but more because his antics are destabalizing the govt. He has been regarded as a Gandhian, but Gandhi never intended to destabalize his own country. He always stood for uniting the nation unlike Mr Hazare.

    • Hey thanks Farah. Completely agree with you that his antics are destabilising the govt and undermining democratic institutions of our country. Besides if this govt falls the alternative will be a BJP govt which will be catastrophic for the country. And by now it is well known that the RSS is actively behind Anna’s campaign. I personally will not support even a good cause if it is supported by divisive forces.

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