The name’s not important and neither is the work I do. I write whatever catches my fancy. Leave a word if you like what I write, say something even if you don’t! Do let me know if you write a blog too. I love to read blogs.



6 thoughts on “Me

  1. I agree, the ghost story has the perfect ingredients for a ghost writer (which u can become). Jokes part, wonderfully written… but rather than writing a conventional piece, how about a graphic story, full of illustrations that can play pranks with ur mind.

  2. The blog on ‘Why i don’t support Anna Hazare’ was an interesting read, the point that even RTI was introduced for anit-corruption was good to make. Even i don’t support Anna Haraze not because i think he is being absolutely adamant but more because his antics are destabalizing the govt. He has been regarded as a Gandhian, but Gandhi never intended to destabalize his own country. He always stood for uniting the nation unlike Mr Hazare.

    1. Hey thanks Farah. Completely agree with you that his antics are destabilising the govt and undermining democratic institutions of our country. Besides if this govt falls the alternative will be a BJP govt which will be catastrophic for the country. And by now it is well known that the RSS is actively behind Anna’s campaign. I personally will not support even a good cause if it is supported by divisive forces.

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