The best part of a Jackie Chan movie is when the credits roll. Oh no I’m not trying to make a nasty comment about his movies, in fact, it’s a compliment.

His movies entertain you even after it ends, till the last of the credits have rolled. You get to see the funny bloopers of Chan and his co-stars while they were canning the movie.

It has been the hallmark of his movies, especially for me. I love them, these bloopers leave me in splits every time. I like the Rush Hour movies. Chan and Chris Tucker are hilarious. Both get to mouth some really crazy dialogues.

Chan’s movies are a great stress-buster for me. After a hard day’s work in office if I get to catch one of his movies on TV nothing like it! It’s not that I wait eagerly for his movies or rent them, but I’m always pleased if I catch one of his movies on TV — then I don’t flip channels, mostly!

You get a good dose of bone-cracking martial arts and rib-tickling comedy.

He’s been one my favourites ever since I saw Armour of the Gods 2 as a senior-school student. This is the one in which the action takes place in a desert where he is searching for gold hidden by a Nazi commander with help of two pretty blondes. The movie was hilarious I was nearly ROTFL!

I still remember my grandpa calling out from the other room saying this guy has gone mad laughing so hard at the dead of the night.  But my guffawing ended only after the last of the credits had rolled. Even the bloopers were as funny as the movie itself.

I hear Chan is training Will Smith’s kid Jaden in Kung Fu for a remake of the 80s classic Karate Kid. This movie is also one of my favourites.

I loved Mr Miyagi — played by Pat Morita — the reclusive but loveable Japanese martial arts teacher who becomes a mentor to the Karate Kid. I wished as a kid that I had a Karate teacher like Mr Miyagi!

Wonder how Chan would be in Mr Miyagi’s role — will he make the serious Mr Miyagi smile?


2 thoughts on “En-Chan-ting!

  1. I love Chan’s films too. try watching Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights…Chan and cute Owen Wilson…ribtickling to say the least!!!!

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