With the blessings of Aergia

A good lazy day. It lasted a while longer than my usual off day! Had a blast doing absolutely nothing. Switched between reading a thriller, chatting on G-chat and watching movies — one after the other — and sipping a fine scotch (but that was only in the evening).

When I felt tired by all this nothing that I was doing, I took a nap. It was exquisite, like I was taking laziness to new heights. But the word laziness sounds course, so I’ll use indolence instead. To borrow a quote ” indolence makes my laziness sound classy”. Well said!

And as if to reward my planned indolence, god (or who ever it is) got me a bargain early in the day. I had ordered a mutton biriyani and some kakori kebabs from a local joint that promises the taste of authentic awadhi cuisine.

But they delivered chicken biriyani instead. Since this mistake was threatening to spoil my day, I called up the restaurant to give them a blasting. But before I could say anything more than ‘I got the wrong order’, the guy apologised and said, “Sir you could keep that order and we will also deliver the food you ordered at no extra charge.”

Wonderful! I could have chicken biriyani for lunch, mutton for dinner and kakori kebabs to go with my whiskey in the evening.

Besides, a long pending problem got solved without me moving a finger and i got the news on phone.

Now I seriously began to believe that there is a god of indolence. And sure enough the Greek pantheon has one. Google tells me the name is Aergia — the goddess of sloth and indolence!


9 thoughts on “With the blessings of Aergia

  1. Well, this comment is not for this post but for the previous one. Why did you disable comments in that? Were you getting unsolicited ones?

    I remember the movie on Dr Kotnis, and it had left a big impression on my mind. I had become a fan. Your post took me back to the time I had watched it. Wonder if the movie can be found in video libraries. Would like to watch it again.

    Thanks for an enlightening post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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